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Coaches & Consultants
Do you get paid to give your advice and you’re struggling to turn prospects into high paying clients?
I know how frustrating that can be. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Hi, I’m Preston Rahn and I teach coaches and consultants how to give Perfect Strategy Sessions so you turn more prospects into paying clients without pressure or manipulation. It’s easy and you’ll make a lot more money!

It’s a proven way for coaches, consultants or anyone that gets paid to give their expert advice to give Perfect Strategy Sessions over and over.

I’ve been quietly using this formula to sell millions of dollars of $2k to $200k coaching and consulting packages and live 3-5 day events for my clients and I’ve skyrocketed to the top selling for every 7+ figure client I’ve ever sold for…

Why? Because of the Perfect Strategy Sessions System!

And now that I’ve started teaching my system my clients are getting phenomenal results too…

I developed Perfect Strategy Sessions and perfected it by giving over 2,500 enrollment conversations for 7+ figure coaches and consultants selling their $2k to $200k packages.

Now I’d like to share the secrets I learned working for those 7+ figure coaches so you can experience similar or better results.

If you’re a coach or consultant that’s struggling to enroll people into your coaching or consulting packages or live events and hear something other than “Yes” then you may want to Learn My System that I’ve used to sell millions of dollars of $2k to $200k coaching, consulting, services and 3-5 day live events.

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Why Are So Many Coaches Raving About My
Perfect Strategy Sessions System?
Because they get such great results so fast.
Here’s what several others had to say…
Ted McGrath Testimonial
At Ted McGrath’s Message To Millions event and Ted shares his thoughts on my ability to enroll his high ticket $2k to $200k clients.. If it’s good enough for Ted it’s probably good enough for you
Gerald Soh Testimonial
Gerald Soh shares his experience after my presentation I gave at a high level mastermind and after coaching him privately for 30 minutes he earns $45k in 36 hours… He went on to do $105k in just 9 days
Oliver Talamayan Testimonial

Oliver Talamayan
Oliver Talamayan, one of my 7 figure clients that I used Perfect Strategy Sessions formula to sell $10k masterminds and $30k Coaching packages says I’m one of the best. (It’s really the Perfect Strategy Sessions system, not me, lol.)
David McAlorum Testimonial

David McAlorum
David McAlorum, enrolled into my high ticket enrollment coaching program and saw an immediate 30-40% increase in his closing rates. Click the link at top of page and you can be on your way to experiencing similar results soon…
Are YOU My Next Success Story?
I’m looking for my next success story and it could be YOU. If you’re an action taker.
If you’re tired of the same results you’ve been getting. And you’re looking to
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